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Our Mission Statement

Commonwealth Financial Systems is Northeastern PA's leader in the field of accounts receivable management and financial services. Our dedicated, well-trained professional staff is committed to providing diversified outsourced solutions to maximize debt recovery for all our clients.

Our success in assisting you and your company is based on the collective experience, leadership and integrity of our own team. We continue to utilize the latest technology and delivery systems, as well as maintain the highest standards of compliance. Through this strategy, we aim to achieve our goal of becoming a national leader in our industry. We are located in of Dickson City, PA.

A Commitment to Excellence

This mission statement spells out our commitment to excellence, to achieving the best results for clients such as yourself, and to maximizing return to our shareholders. Our company is also committed to achieving the highest level of personal success and professional opportunities to our employees.

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Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc. offers a free online payment service to resolve your debt without speaking to a collector.